Why Apply?

The Fringe and ICTF are educational experiences like no other. Over the course of the program, ICTF participants are exposed to an incredible breadth of shows, artists and culture. For student performers, it’s an inspiration and allows them to see the professional potential that performing arts holds for them.  From venue and festival management, marketing, PR and of course performing, the practical experiences gained through participation in ICTF are invaluable.

In addition to learning opportunities, the logistics and production support provided by ICTF’s team of professionals makes it easy to take your production to an international festival and allows students and directors to focus on performing at their very best.

The productions that universities/colleges bring to ICTF often have a direct tie to their on-campus arts programs as either a capstone experience or a traveling campus production.

  • Coursework Capstone ExperienceParticipating productions are often the culmination of a year or semester-long performance arts course in which the production becomes the final application of the coursework’s theory and practice.
  • Traveling Campus Productions: The Festival is also the perfect venue for many outstanding campus productions (both student and faculty led) to perform their show on Edinburgh’s world stage, which annually attracts 500,000+ attendees.

Whatever works best for the overall vision and goal of your institution and students, is what our ICTF staff will help make a reality.

International Collegiate Theatre Festival

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Ph: (877) 857-8840