What is ICTF?

The International Collegiate Theatre Festival (ICTF) runs in conjunction with and is a part of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe – the world’s largest performing arts festival, which takes place each August in Edinburgh, Scotland.  ICTF was developed with the help of university and college performance arts professionals and is designed to complement collegiate performing arts programs. Our goal is to provide an extraordinary educational experience for college students; performing at the world-renowned Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

Familiarization Tour (FAM) The year prior to participating in the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Program Directors are invited to Edinburgh to participate in the ICTF FAM tour and experience firsthand the tremendous excitement and support that their students will experience the following year.  Program Directors will meet the ICTF staff and technical crew, tour the current venues, and gain a solid understanding of the unmatched value that ICTF provides for each of its participating schools.  Upon returning to campus, each Director will then have a full year to plan their performance on ICTF’s world stage.

College Fair – Recruitment Opportunities ICTF was designed to encourage the pursuit of higher education in performance arts and in partnership with the American High School Theatre Festival (AHSTF), presents the unique opportunity for each college/university to recruit potential performing arts students at the ICTF College Fair.  The college fair allows each participating Director from both our FAM and performing groups to present their institution to an engaged high school audience of several hundred students.

Educational Opportunities ICTF is fully committed to the educational value presented in our program.  We have built a strong relationship with The Fringe Society and other companies and often present workshop opportunities for the students attending ICTF. In addition, faculty-led workshops enhance the ICTF student experience. From improvisation, to dance, to panel discussions, the opportunities for student enrichment are a vital component of the ICTF experience.

College Credit Courses that align to the ICTF experience can be integrated into the college curriculum. Please contact us for ideas on implementing credit options.

Teaching Opportunities for Directors ICTF recognizes the value of study and teaching abroad and we are excited to offer participating directors the opportunity to present workshops to both ICTF and American High School Theatre Festival students.  Space and time for workshops is limited, for this reason, interested directors are asked to submit a proposal for their workshop presentation.  The WorldStrides Education Department will review and select the workshops that will be presented each year.

Our Diversity Commitment

We are committed to the learning that happens when people interact with people who have different perspectives. We believe in extending the opportunity to learn through experience to people of all races, ethnicities, creeds, gender identities, sexual orientations, and physical and mental abilities.

International Collegiate Theatre Festival

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