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Accidentally on Purpose presented by Studio 212

Want to know who murdered my theatre company? Me.
Seduction? Check.
Betrayal? Check.
No checks? Check.
The desire for the femme fatale and inclusive ambitions?
All of that. I killed it.
And I'm going to tell you how.

Members of a fledgling theatre company, Studio 212, set out to devise a theatre piece based on the great film noir, Double Indemnity. Will the inclination to change the world through art cause irreparable damage to the very artists who are making it?

@Venue 45
2-Aug - 22:00
5-Aug - 16:00
6-Aug - 10:00
7-Aug - 20:00

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How We Take Our Coffee presented by Schuster Theatre

Does your coffee order reveal your personality? Is it possible to "have it all?" In this lighthearted historical fiction, several women who helped shape the future of Erie, Pennsylvania, USA near the turn of the century discuss the answers to these questions over coffee and chocolates at Romolo's Café. A young reporter finds herself amidst the magic and mischief that brings the unsung heroines together across the boundaries of space and time, seizing the opportunity to record their stories.

@Venue 45

2-Aug - 20:00
3-Aug - 14:00
5-Aug -14:00
7-Aug - 22:00


Only the Ghosts Can Know presented by Bristol Theatre Program

The water you drink has been drunk before. You have a molecule in your foot that belonged to some guy a million years ago. When you die in the flood it will remind you.

A devised piece of theatre exploring a variety of characters unaware of how deep their connections are to one another. A workout instructor, an artist married to a witch, a girl trapped in an airplane bathroom, the ghosts of our ancestors... when the rains come and the flood waters rise, they all discover no one is separate from the sea.

Central Hall Auditorium

2-Aug - 22:00
5-Aug - 10:00
6-Aug - 20:00
7-Aug - 14:00

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The Ballad of Maria Marten presented by Hardin-Simmons University

Summer, 1827. In a red barn in Suffolk, England, Maria Marten awaits her lover. A year later, her body is discovered. It was a gruesome, sensational event that stirred imagination and fascinated the public. The star of the show became her killer. Playwright Beth Flintoff shines a new light on the life of Maria Marten and the courage, support, faith, and perseverance required to recognize and stand against the commonplace, poor treatment of women that existed then...and even now.

@Venue 45

3-Aug - 10:00
4-Aug - 16:15
5-Aug - 20:00
6-Aug - 14:30

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The Telltale Lilac Bush presented by Marshall University Theatre ETC!

Ready for some spooky fun? MU Theatre ETC! makes its debut at the Fringe with ghost stories set in West Virginia. Follow four ghosts trapped in the Appalachian Mountains: the Maiden, the Solider, the Miner, and the Old Woman. Finding their eternal rest won't be easy, they'll need the pay the Peddler with stories. Can our ghosts weave a tale worthy enough to pay the Peddler? Come find out! This play was commissioned by Appalachian Artists Collective by A.E. Gill whose adaptation is imaginative, heartfelt, and rooted in Appalachian culture.


3-Aug - 12:00
4-Aug - 14:00
5-Aug - 18:00
6-Aug - 12:00

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The Theory of Relativity is presented by Rockford University Performing Arts Department

The Theory of Relativity is a joyous and moving look about our surprisingly interconnected lives. Whether you're allergic to cats, in love for the first or tenth time, a child of divorce, a germaphobe or simply a unique individual, audience members and actors alike are sure to find themselves in this fresh new musical.

Through a seemingly unrelated collection of songs, scenes and monologues, The Theory of Relativity introduces a compelling array of characters experiencing the joys and heartbreaks, the liaisons and losses, the inevitability and the wonder of human connection.

Central Hall Auditorium

3-Aug - 22:00
5-Aug - 20:00
6-Aug - 10:00
7-Aug - 20:00

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What Was Once Ignored: The Life and Legacy of Martha Graham presented by Alma College Theatre And Dance Department

"Modern dance isn't anything except one thing in my mind: the freedom of women in America." -Martha Graham

Martha Graham moved dance from an aesthetic primarily about pleasing the eye to one that explores the entire human experience: from ancient Greek myth to grief, upheaval, and war while focusing particularly on female lives.

WWOI tells her story and examines how dance in the 20th century moved from cutesy chorus girls to the mature art form seen in the work of artists like Graham, Isadora Duncan, and Agnes DeMille.

Triplex Big

3-Aug - 12:30
5-Aug - 10:30
6-Aug - 12:30
7-Aug - 12:30

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